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Our systems support both analog and VoIP phones — in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you’re implementing the solution at your own pace, without compromising.


IP phones are able to plug into any high speed internet connection and make and take phone calls as its area code permits. Virtual extensions allow users to incorporate their cell phones into the mix, and mobilize their business.

Our phones can be programmed for any combination of PBX Call Appearance, Key System Line Appearance, Queue Appearance, speed-dialing, direct station dialing and busy lamp field. It is a sophisticated and flexible top-of-the-line phone – perfect for executives, office managers, and active employees who make and receive a high volume of calls. We have phone systems that can cater to the need of any business, no matter what size.

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Allowing companies to have an extremely powerful, fully managed IP PBX without the upfront costs.

The Hosted PBX includes :

  • Call Recording – Our call recording feature allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls on all of your phones.
  • Blind Call Transfer – Transfer calls in an unattended mode straight to the other parties phone number or extension.
  • Call Transfer – This allows you to notify the other party before transferring the call.
  • E-mail Voice Mail – Have your voice mail forwarded to your e-mail as an attachment.
  • Call Forwarding – Forward your calls to a different number while away.
  • Music On Hold – Your choice of standard public domain music on hold or upload us your own custom music files.
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    • Multi Line, 3 Way calling – Conference an incoming caller in with a current call.
    • Teleconferencing Bridge – Hold larger scale conference calls with several extensions both internal and external.
    • After Hours Profiles – Record different auto attendants and messages during after hour periods.
    • Do Not Disturb – Set your phone to automatically go to voice mail.
    • Auto Attendant and Directory – Set up a messaging menu for incoming callers
    • Custom Call Display – Change the number that appears on other parties call display.
    • Voice Mail – Password protected business class voice mail boxes that include message storage, and an fully integrated message greeting system.


SIP Session Initiation Protocol which is essentially a phone line that flows through your internet connection.

In other words, when a phone call is placed from a regular single telephone number/line (commonly known as an analog trunk), the voice travels over this pathway and is received at the other end.

In the case of SIP Trunking the phone number remains the same, but when the call is placed the voice travels over an internet path. This can prove to save companies large sums of money and time. In other instances it can create generous revenue streams.

Provided a high speed internet connection is available, an IP phone can make and take phone calls from anywhere in the world as its own local area code. For example a 604 area code (Vancouver Area Code) phone number can be in Hong Kong making and taking Vancouver phone calls as though it were local.

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Also, when moving, there is no need to call the telephone company to move your lines; simply unplug your phone and plug it in at the new site.

Forensic Audit

A forensic audit is implemented to test the functionality and performance of a Communication system, and proffers a complete technical inventory.

It provides a thorough breakdown of the current configuration and determines if there are any inadequacies, redundancies, or bottlenecks in the flow of Voice/Data/IP.

This advanced diagnostic technique is designed to flag potential problems and relieve hardware that is being overworked.


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