West Sun Communication provides flexible and comprehensive communications platforms that provides a means for broadcasting announcements to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

West Sun Communication provides flexible and comprehensive communications platforms that provides a means for broadcasting announcements to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. A Crisis Notification System (CNS) is specifically designed to alert everyone to an emergency that is imminent or in progress, and instruct them on how to respond. This Crisis Notification System is flexible enough to fit the individual needs of each school district or campus, and has the capacity for district-wide administration. The CNS utilizes IP Network Protocol to broadcast all messages through the school’s LAN/WAN. Messages can be pre-recorded to provide a planned response to a specific situation, or they can be broadcast live to address unique or changing situations. The CNS also has the ability to broadcast to one, several, or all facilities at any time.

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A built-in Master Clock controls and synchronizes all digital and analog secondary clocks, ensuring all clocks in a facility display the correct time.

The Master Clock can control multiple events throughout the facility, such as class change signalling, and automatically adjusts for seasonal events, holidays, and daylight-savings time.

Digital clocks can display messages (e.g. “Bell”) from the Master Clock to provide visual indication of events. Messages can be coded to discreetly convey matters of concern to staff, such as an unlocked open door.

Scrolling messaging capability is also provided. Messages can be activated/deactivated automatically or manually.

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The Audio Monitoring System utilizes intercom speakers as listening devices to provide audio surveillance for added security coverage where needed.

People in parking areas, stairwells, elevators, and other isolated locations have access to assistance from a call station or an audio detection unit that automatically initiates a call-in when triggered by screams and loud noises.

Two-way Voice Communications

An emergency call immediately puts the caller in voice contact with a security officer. The exact location of the call is shown on the officer’s console and communications with the calling party is established immediately.

Unlike other monitoring systems, the AMS is microprocessor-based. Audio is digitized, analyzed by the microprocessor, and then compared to 5 different audio patterns for alarm recognition.

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Expansion Capabilities

The AMS is a modular system. All components reside in a card cage designed for rack mounting. The AMS’s modular architecture allows for easy expansion and serviceability.

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Our Media Retrieval System is an affordable method of accessing and controlling centrally located media sources from the classroom.

Instructors are provided easy control of the television set and the media using a TV remote control. The system is significantly less expensive than other systems on the market because it shares common voice communications networks found in today’s classrooms.

The system can reside on the school’s communications system, the school’s classroom telephone system or can be a totally independent system and components can be added as an extension to the facility’s existing system. Commands are transmitted from the classroom device and routed to the appropriate controller in the media center, in turn, the controller transmits these commands to the media source containing the program material.

The actual video signal is distributed to the classrooms through the facility’s broadband cable distribution system. Each media source is assigned a channel and the classroom instructor simply tunes the television to the assigned channel and starts the program using the wireless remote.

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West Sun Communications’ cabling crew adheres to the highest possible standards of quality, getting it done right the first time no matter the size of the project; from a 30 drop office to an 8000 drop project.

We stand behind a 25 year warranty Guarantee

  • Using top grade quality (Leviton)
  • Ensuring cables are not bent or twisted inappropriately
  • Ensure all cable runs are laid and labelled properly and clearly
  • Running additional pairs per cable drop for future provisioning
  • Deploy and provide a full Fluke Testing Report
From Design and Implementation to Ongoing Management and Support – West Sun offers excellence at every turn.

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CBL 2_West_Sun_Cabling_Fiber_FibreFrom fiber trenching and distribution, to final termination – West Sun is equipped to make it happen.

Distinct Advantages

  • Speed – Consistent high gigabit output
  • Bandwidth – 100 meters or less, virtually unlimited
  • Distance – 3 km, single mode fiber delivers data rates up to 10 Gbps with a bandwidth of 20Ghz
  • Maintenance – Far less than expected
When a project requires a professional to design, prepare, or look at existing floor plans, or even deploy a cabling architecture West Sun Communications’ in-house Electrical Engineers can handle from the small projects to large scale tenders for General Contractors, Engineers, Architects, as well as for personal clients, including: School Boards, Retirement Facilities, and numerous corporate site upgrades.

Westsun Communications highly skilled and trained technicians are certified to handle virtually any system, and will work with you and your staff to ensure your systems are up and running smoothly.

Westsun Communications highly skilled and trained technicians are certified to handle virtually any system, and will work with you and your staff to ensure your systems are up and running smoothly. In most cases issues can be resolved remotely, but when hands are needed on site – our team is there for you 24/7.

  • Computer Networking – Computer network set up and configuration
  • Hardware Installation – Hardware is carefully handled and installed
  • System Maintenance and Management – Ongoing care of your systems
  • Remote IT Services – Remote resolution of issues to save you time and money
  • Network Security – we monitor your entire network and guard it 24/7
  • UPS / Backup – we make sure everything is backed up

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West Sun Communications work with Voice and Data Providers throughout British Columbia and can source competitive T1 and PRI pricing on behalf of clients.

Our Communication Analysts perform regular Forensic Audits as a built in service for our clients.

This unique troubleshooting method is an advanced diagnostic practice designed to provide a thorough overview of an entire Network, mapping out a full inventory report, as well as proffer a complete technical snapshot of what the client is running, pointing out any bottlenecking and/or any redundancies in the flow of communication.

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Forensic Audits are ideal for organizations looking to: reduce overhead; increase productivity; integrate new technology; forecast expansion; and maximize overall efficiency.

To arrange a free and confidential meeting with one of our Communication experts – call (604) 636-1854 and book a time that is convenient for you.


  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Computer networking
  • Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Routing and Switching
  • High Availability load balancing and clustering
  • Computer systems
  • Network security
  • Cisco, Linksys and Sonicwall
  • Web hosting architectures and services
  • Network and Systems Documentation

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Facility Support & Management

  • Off-Site & On-Site Support
  • Network Infrastructure Services
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Training & Documentation
  • Hardware & Software Support & Sourcing
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services

24/7 monitoring of your network and computer systems

  • Active support so you can rest assured your systems will always be running
  • Advanced network monitoring
  • Computer uptime and bandwidth monitoring
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Computer systems and network systems down alerts

Network Security

  • Security audits and compliance
  • Firewall technologies and lockdown
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Spam and virus filtering


Remote IT Services is like having an entire IT Department working for your organization for a fraction of the cost.

West Sun Communications is able to manage your entire IT Operations off site.

  • Dedicated Human Resource
  • 24/7 monitoring of your network and computer systems
  • Active support so you can rest assured your systems will always be running
  • Advanced network monitoring
  • Computer uptime and bandwidth monitoring
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Complete data back up
  • Computer systems and network systems down alerts

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West Sun Communications is now offering Managed Internet Services to clients who are looking for a Hosted Solution.

Hosted Microsoft Terminal Server

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Clustered Web & Database Hosting
  • Clustered Email (POP3 & IMAP) Hosting
  • Web Design Services
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Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server

  • Hosted Microsoft ActiveSync
  • BlackBerry & Cell Phone Hardware & Plans
  • Connectivity Management

Multi-Tenant Internet Services

  • Optical Fiber
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Facility Support & Management

Our systems support both analog and VoIP phones — in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you’re implementing the solution at your own pace, without compromising.


IP phones are able to plug into any high speed internet connection and make and take phone calls as its area code permits. Virtual extensions allow users to incorporate their cell phones into the mix, and mobilize their business.

Our phones can be programmed for any combination of PBX Call Appearance, Key System Line Appearance, Queue Appearance, speed-dialing, direct station dialing and busy lamp field. It is a sophisticated and flexible top-of-the-line phone – perfect for executives, office managers, and active employees who make and receive a high volume of calls. We have phone systems that can cater to the need of any business, no matter what size.

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Allowing companies to have an extremely powerful, fully managed IP PBX without the upfront costs.

The Hosted PBX includes :

  • Call Recording – Our call recording feature allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls on all of your phones.
  • Blind Call Transfer – Transfer calls in an unattended mode straight to the other parties phone number or extension.
  • Call Transfer – This allows you to notify the other party before transferring the call.
  • E-mail Voice Mail – Have your voice mail forwarded to your e-mail as an attachment.
  • Call Forwarding – Forward your calls to a different number while away.
  • Music On Hold – Your choice of standard public domain music on hold or upload us your own custom music files.
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    • Multi Line, 3 Way calling – Conference an incoming caller in with a current call.
    • Teleconferencing Bridge – Hold larger scale conference calls with several extensions both internal and external.
    • After Hours Profiles – Record different auto attendants and messages during after hour periods.
    • Do Not Disturb – Set your phone to automatically go to voice mail.
    • Auto Attendant and Directory – Set up a messaging menu for incoming callers
    • Custom Call Display – Change the number that appears on other parties call display.
    • Voice Mail – Password protected business class voice mail boxes that include message storage, and an fully integrated message greeting system.


SIP Session Initiation Protocol which is essentially a phone line that flows through your internet connection.

In other words, when a phone call is placed from a regular single telephone number/line (commonly known as an analog trunk), the voice travels over this pathway and is received at the other end.

In the case of SIP Trunking the phone number remains the same, but when the call is placed the voice travels over an internet path. This can prove to save companies large sums of money and time. In other instances it can create generous revenue streams.

Provided a high speed internet connection is available, an IP phone can make and take phone calls from anywhere in the world as its own local area code. For example a 604 area code (Vancouver Area Code) phone number can be in Hong Kong making and taking Vancouver phone calls as though it were local.

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Also, when moving, there is no need to call the telephone company to move your lines; simply unplug your phone and plug it in at the new site.

Forensic Audit

A forensic audit is implemented to test the functionality and performance of a Communication system, and proffers a complete technical inventory.

It provides a thorough breakdown of the current configuration and determines if there are any inadequacies, redundancies, or bottlenecks in the flow of Voice/Data/IP.

This advanced diagnostic technique is designed to flag potential problems and relieve hardware that is being overworked.


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Our PC-based expandable PBX has the ability to integrate with multifunction platforms for a comprehensive communications system.

The system combines the functionality of a high-end telephone switch with standard clock, intercom, and program distribution features.

CVS Features

  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • Program distribution
  • Clock synchronization/correction
  • Tone signaling are an integral part of this system
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In addition, the CVS offers expanded capabilities such as:

  • Homework Help Line,
  • Automatic Parent Notification,
  • Urgent Call
  • Enhanced 911
  • Student Phone

Developed specifically to meet the needs of educational facilities, the CVS system links each classroom to the media center, enabling teachers to incorporate valuable media resources such as VCRs and DVD players into their daily lesson plans.

Benefits of the CVS System

CVS will improve parent/teacher and teacher/administrative communications, reduce staff workload, and enhance school security. In doing so, the CVS provides solutions to a broad spectrum of educational needs and equips the school with a host of new capabilities.

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Our multifunction communication systems provide two-way intercom communications, full-duplex telephone communications, and a built-in Master Clock.

The system employs modular architecture to allow for easy expansion and serviceability. Because communication functions are integrated into the system via plug-in circuit cards, a system can be tailored to a facility’s exact requirements. Room locations can be equipped with a variety of devices such as speakers, call-in switches, message waiting/call assurance lamps, and staff telephones. The system provides for two-way intercom communications between control consoles and speaker stations.

Direct-dial, duplex, phone-to-phone communication is also provided between staff telephones and control consoles. With central control and remote access the IT director can now manage and maintain all programming, from one location.

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  • Modular architecture for easy expansion and serviceability
  • Media retrieval capability
  • Two-way intercom voice communications
  • Full-duplex telephone and console communications
  • 270 telephonic communication paths
  • Large Station Capacity to 800 room stations or 500 staff telephones
  • Up to 32 Control Consoles
  • KSU/PBX telephone system integration
  • Six programmable levels of call-in priority
  • Three amplified audio channels
  • Music during class change
  • Sixteen tone types with user-programmable sound characteristics
  • Program distribution to one room, all rooms, selected rooms, one zone, or multiple zones of rooms
  • Thirty-two Program Zones
  • All-call, individual zone, or multi-zone paging
  • Five remote microphones for paging
  • Thirty-two Paging Zones
  • Built-in Master Clock with 16 simultaneous schedules and 32 time clock zones
  • Electronic Message Display
  • Alpha-numeric messaging support on Advanced Digital Clock

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Engineering intercommunication systems to suit any environment.

Engineering intercommunication systems to suit any environment. Whether it be a school campus, a hospital, an industrial warehouse, or an assortment of connected locations – every space has its own set of specific paging and intercom requirements, and challenges.

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