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West Sun Communications’ cabling crew adheres to the highest possible standards of quality, getting it done right the first time no matter the size of the project; from a 30 drop office to an 8000 drop project.

We stand behind a 25 year warranty Guarantee

  • Using top grade quality (Leviton)
  • Ensuring cables are not bent or twisted inappropriately
  • Ensure all cable runs are laid and labelled properly and clearly
  • Running additional pairs per cable drop for future provisioning
  • Deploy and provide a full Fluke Testing Report
From Design and Implementation to Ongoing Management and Support – West Sun offers excellence at every turn.

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CBL 2_West_Sun_Cabling_Fiber_FibreFrom fiber trenching and distribution, to final termination – West Sun is equipped to make it happen.

Distinct Advantages

  • Speed – Consistent high gigabit output
  • Bandwidth – 100 meters or less, virtually unlimited
  • Distance – 3 km, single mode fiber delivers data rates up to 10 Gbps with a bandwidth of 20Ghz
  • Maintenance – Far less than expected
When a project requires a professional to design, prepare, or look at existing floor plans, or even deploy a cabling architecture West Sun Communications’ in-house Electrical Engineers can handle from the small projects to large scale tenders for General Contractors, Engineers, Architects, as well as for personal clients, including: School Boards, Retirement Facilities, and numerous corporate site upgrades.