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Our multifunction communication systems provide two-way intercom communications, full-duplex telephone communications, and a built-in Master Clock.

The system employs modular architecture to allow for easy expansion and serviceability. Because communication functions are integrated into the system via plug-in circuit cards, a system can be tailored to a facility’s exact requirements. Room locations can be equipped with a variety of devices such as speakers, call-in switches, message waiting/call assurance lamps, and staff telephones. The system provides for two-way intercom communications between control consoles and speaker stations.

Direct-dial, duplex, phone-to-phone communication is also provided between staff telephones and control consoles. With central control and remote access the IT director can now manage and maintain all programming, from one location.

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  • Modular architecture for easy expansion and serviceability
  • Media retrieval capability
  • Two-way intercom voice communications
  • Full-duplex telephone and console communications
  • 270 telephonic communication paths
  • Large Station Capacity to 800 room stations or 500 staff telephones
  • Up to 32 Control Consoles
  • KSU/PBX telephone system integration
  • Six programmable levels of call-in priority
  • Three amplified audio channels
  • Music during class change
  • Sixteen tone types with user-programmable sound characteristics
  • Program distribution to one room, all rooms, selected rooms, one zone, or multiple zones of rooms
  • Thirty-two Program Zones
  • All-call, individual zone, or multi-zone paging
  • Five remote microphones for paging
  • Thirty-two Paging Zones
  • Built-in Master Clock with 16 simultaneous schedules and 32 time clock zones
  • Electronic Message Display
  • Alpha-numeric messaging support on Advanced Digital Clock

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