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The Audio Monitoring System utilizes intercom speakers as listening devices to provide audio surveillance for added security coverage where needed.

People in parking areas, stairwells, elevators, and other isolated locations have access to assistance from a call station or an audio detection unit that automatically initiates a call-in when triggered by screams and loud noises.

Two-way Voice Communications

An emergency call immediately puts the caller in voice contact with a security officer. The exact location of the call is shown on the officer’s console and communications with the calling party is established immediately.

Unlike other monitoring systems, the AMS is microprocessor-based. Audio is digitized, analyzed by the microprocessor, and then compared to 5 different audio patterns for alarm recognition.

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Expansion Capabilities

The AMS is a modular system. All components reside in a card cage designed for rack mounting. The AMS’s modular architecture allows for easy expansion and serviceability.

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